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                          Associate Professor

Prof. Gilmore graduated with a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from Texas A&M University in 2000.  After postdoctoral fellowships at both the National Center for Atmospheric Research and University of Illinois, he arrived at UND in 2008 where he taught four innovative new courses: Severe and Hazardous Weather, Storm Experience, Communicating Science, and Microphysics Parameterization.  He also teaches UND’s Radar Meteorology.  He was an early adopter of High Impact Practices through activity- and experiential-based learning.  He enjoys teaching graduate students how to distill their research topic into a speech that is understandable by anyone through the UND Three Minute Thesis (3MT®).  His research expertise is in microphysical parameterization and tornado simulation using weather models. 

                                          Teaching Assistants

Ben Remington and Jared Swanson are seniors in Atmospheric Sciences.  They took the Storm Experience class in 2018 and assisted with the class in 2019.  They are both passionate about storms and enjoy inspiring other students to share in that passion.  They are returning to assist with the class in May 2020!

Ben began chasing at around the age of ten using a bicycle, much to his mom’s dismay.  In addition to tornadoes, he also frequently chases blizzards and flooding in the Red River Valley.  Ben is currently researching the origins of the rear-flank downdraft and its influence on supercell tornadoes with advisor, Dr. Catherine Finley. 

Jared is currently researching mesoscale snow bands over the Red River Valley with Dr. Aaron Kennedy.  He has enjoyed helping students as a teaching assistant in four different Atmospheric Sciences classes at UND. 

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